Siemens Motor Protectors

Manual Motor Starters providing four type of protection

The Siemens 3RV1 and 3RV2 series of manual motor controllers provide 4 types of protection - motor starter, control protection, overload protection and motor disconnect.  Also when combined with a 3RT1 or 3RT2 contactor, these starters become Type E Self Protected for the most advanced motor protection available today.

Full line of AMP ranges and accessories

The new 3RV2 line of Siemens Sirius motor protectors extends the AMP range for Size 0 frames from a maximum of 25 AMPS (3RV1021-4DA10) now to a maximum of 40 AMPS (3RV2021-4FA10), which saves vital space in control panels.  And along with the standard front and side mounted auxiliaries, this series offers under voltage trips, shunt trips and complete bus bar systems for any application in existence today.

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