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Siemens 3RT104 Coil Location


Many times the control voltage is often confused with the coil voltage.  You might ask an electrician "What is the voltage for that Siemens contactor we need?" and their response typically will be something to the effect of "It's a 460 or 480 volt panel."  This is not the coil (control) voltage but rather the line voltage.  Each contactor has the same line voltage, which is any voltage up to 600 volts.  But the coil voltage specifically energizes the coil and connects the contacts to operate the contactor.

The above picture is the location of the coil voltage for any Siemens Sirius Size S3 contactor from the 3RT1044-1A to the 3RT1046-1A.  It is on the top of the contactor located between the A1 and A2 coil connections and this is the only location where it can be found on the contactor.  PLEASE IGNORE all other instances of voltages on either side of the contactor.