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What replaces a 3RU1126-4DB0

There are two choices when replacing the 3RU1126-4DB0: keep the existing contactor and purchase a new overload with a separate mount bracket or replace the entire unit (contactor and overload) with the new Siemens Sirius series.  Comparison of both options are listed below. 








 3RU2126-4DB0 + bracket   3RU2126-4DB0 + New 3RT contactor


  • Most inexpensive means to replace
    obsolete overload


  • Need sufficient panel space (either
    DIN Rail or screw down) to mount
    overload bracket
  • Must now wire overload to contactor
    since will not direct mount


  • Saves space
  • Ease on installation (no need to run
    new wires from overload to contactor)
  • Newest generation of Siemens line and
    will be around for many years to come


  • Most expensive replacement option
    since contactor also needs to be replaced
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