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What replaces a 3RT1024-1AC20

There are two choices when replacing the 3RT1024-1AC20: Stay with the same series but upgrade to a higher AMP rating (will work in any existing application) or change to the new 3RT2 series (any existing direct mounted accessories would need to be replaced, if any).  Comparison of both options are listed below.  Click on either image to purchase.








 3RT1025-1AC20    3RT2024-1AC20


  • Same style as current model,
    uses same accessories (auxiliary
    contacts, overload relays, etc.)
  • Rated higher so potential for longer
  • Will work in current application


  • Limited accessories available (overload
    relays, auxiliary contacts)
  • More expensive than upgrading
    to new series


  • Newest style, full range of accessories
    available (auxiliary contacts, overload
    relays, etc.)
  • Less expensive than upgrading to
    higher rated model in existing series
  • Same physical size as existing unit and
    comes with 1 N.O. and 1 N.C. base mounted
    auxiliary contacts


  • Must replace any existing accessories
    (if any) that were physically attached
    to this unit