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Trane Chiller Benshaw Contactors


Have an old Benshaw RSC-100, RSC-125 or RSC-150 contactor that was in a Trane chiller? Chances are the one that you have is part of an interlocked set (physically connected with another contactor with a plastic mechanical interlock piece inbetween the two). If this is the case, you will need to replace both contactors. We have chosen to replace these Benshaw contactors with the Siemens brand to prevent some rather serious installation issues:

  • The new Benshaw RC line of contactors has box terminals instead of bolt-on like the old style RSC contactors. This means that the terminations on the wires will need to be cut off and depending on the length of the leads the wire itself might have to be replaced.
  • The box terminals on the replacement RC contactor series for the 100-, 130- and 150-AMP are not suitable for the size
    #1 wire that was used for these chillers. So the ends will need to be crimped, potentially causing connection issues and 
    phase loss.


The Siemens replacement we are offering is a complete replacement for both contactors. This kit comes with two 150 AMP contactors, one mechanical interlock, a shorting bar for the line side of the right hand contactor and a terminal kit for the load side of the left contactor. Electrically these Siemens 3RT1 contactors are appropriately rated and physically they will fit in the same space as the existing Benshaw installation.