Square D/Telemecanique Overload Relays

Class 10 or Class 20 Square D/Telemecanique overload relays are available up to 140 A. They are bimetallic ambient compensated and are available with or without single-phase sensitivity for phase unbalance and phase loss protection. New solid state overload relays are available for 90 to 150 A applications. Both bimetallic and solid-state overload relays include the following features:

• Isolated N.C. trip contact and N.O. alarm contacts.
• Class 10 with Single Phase Sensitivity
• Manual or Automatic reset function (bi-metallic versions only).
• Tamper-resistant window for FLA settings.
• Test trip button.

Square D / Telemecanique LRD01 Overload Relay by Schneider Electric is a direct mount Ambient Compensated, Bi-Metallic direct mount with Class 10 Single Phase Sensitivity. These direct mount contactors screw directly to the load side of your LC1D09, LC1D12, LC1D18, LC1D25 or LC1D32 TeSys IEC Non-reversing contactor.

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