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Sprecher and Schuh L8 Trip Curve and AMP Rating


Need help determining the trip curve, AMP range and number of poles for a Sprecher + Schuh L8 miniature circuit breaker? Simply find the sequence of letters and numbers just to the right of the L8 part number and the letter (B,C, or D) is the trip curve and the number (0.5 through 63) would be the AMP range. To determine the number of poles, just count how many attached pieces there are that look just like the image above. For example, if you have a L8 circuit breaker with a letter C and number 16 and it has two attached pieces that look like above, then you would have a C10 2 pole breaker. Furthermore you can also find the complete product part number on the side of the breaker, and should resemble something similar to L8-10/1/C.