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LC1D40 to LC1D80 coil voltage


Why is finding the correct coil voltage important?  Without it, not only will the new contactor not operate, it will most likely melt the coil within a matter of seconds.  This permanently destroys the contactor costing you time and money to replace with the correct one.

The above picture shows you where to find the coil voltage on the Schneider TeSys D-line contactors from the 40 AMP LC1D40 to the 95 AMP LC1D95.  To find, simply look at the top of the contactor toward the base in the gray area.  There will be in white writing the coil voltage (something like 24v 50/60Hz or 120V 50/60Hz) and the part number for the coil itself (something like LX1D6F7 or LX1D6M7).  This is the only place on the contactor that this coil voltage can be found.