GE CL Size 2 Coil Voltage


Having trouble locating the coil voltage on your GE contactor?  Well most importantly, DO NOT look at the side label!  That side label has a ton of information, from the H.P. and K.W. ratings, along with max AMP rating, tightening torque and many other pieces of information but you cannot find the coil voltage on that label.  You will see 230 volt, 460 volt and 600 volt but those are ratings, not the actual coil voltage.

The above picture is the location of the coil voltage for any GE CL04A310M, CL45A300M or CL45A310M 3 pole contactor. It is on the top of the contactor between the A1 and A2 coil connection and this is the only location where it can be found on the contactor.  PLEASE IGNORE all other instances of voltages on the side labels and feel free to give us a call at 800.222.5129 with any questions.