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Eaton D15CR Coil Location


Think that you have a coil voltage of 240 or 480?  This is a common mistake when trying to determine the coil voltage for the contactor that needs to be replaced.  There is a line voltage, which in 3 phase applications is most likely either 230/240 volt or 460/480.  This voltage has nothing to do with the control voltage.  The control (coil) voltage is what current is sent to the coil to energize it which in turns pulls the contacts together.  A 480 volt coil voltage does exist, but is extremely rare so please confirm it prior to ordering.

The above picture is the location of the coil voltage for any Eaton D15CR22, D15CR31 or D15CR40 4 pole industrial control relay. It is on the left side on the contactor on a white sticker and this is the only location where it can be found on the contactor.  PLEASE IGNORE all other instances of voltages on the side labels and feel free to give us a call at 800.222.5129 with any questions.