Benshaw RC-130A to RC-150A Coil Voltage


Need help locating the coil voltage for a Benshaw RC-130A or RC-150A contactor? Fortunately you can find the coil voltage in two locations, one being the top of the contactor between the A1 and A2 coil connections and the other being the bottom of the contactor between those same two terminals.  If you are examining the side label for help in locating this voltage, be warned, it is not on that label.  All you will find are electrical certifications, voltage, AMP and horsepower ratings along with various other pieces of information but nowhere will you find a contactors coil voltage.

If for some reason, because of the installation, you cannot see the voltage on the top or bottom of the contactor, you can use a voltmeter to determine what the voltage in on the control.  But always be wary if you are told it is a 480 volt coil.  While these control voltages do exist, they are not common and oftentimes confused with the line voltage, which is more than likely 240 or 480.