Siemens 3RH2 Control Relays

Siemens 3RH2 relays replace existing 3RH1 relays 

Have an existing 3RH1122, 3RH1131 or 3RH1140 control relay?  The new line of Siemens Sirius 3RH2 control relays are identical physically and electrically to the old series and have both DIN rail and screw mounting options for seamless integration into any existing panel.  And with a full line of Siemens auxiliary contacts that match the old series, replacing these 4 pole relays has never been easier.


Add up to 8 poles with a top mounted auxiliary contact block

Each relay can have a 4 pole top mounted auxiliary block added to the top to create all possible combinations from 8 normally open contacts to 4 normally open and 4 normally closed.  In addition, Siemens also offers diodes, suppressors, varistors and RC Elements as accessories to these relays that dampen inrush to extend the life of the unit.

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