Siemens Pilot Devices

A pilot device consists of a front mounted operating element or indicator lens, a holder for mounting, contact block and/or lamp holder. The flexibility of the gear holder for the round operator accommodates for panel thickness of 1-6 mm. The square operator accommodates a panel thickness of 1-4 mm.

The standard operator can accommodate two contact blocks. When three contact blocks or one lampholder and two contact blocks are required, an additional holder must be attached to the operator. When using selector switches, safety locks or double Siemens pushbuttons, an adaptor with pressure plates is required. Factory assembled units are also available.

Devices available are:
• Screw terminal connection,
• Spring loaded terminal connection
• Solder connection (solder pins 0.8 × 0.8 mm)

The 3SB3 Siemens pilot devices have screw connections in the SIGUT termination system. The open terminals, captive screws, funnel-shaped wiring openings and screwdriver fed openings save installation time. Powered screwdrivers can be used. The connection with cage spring terminal is rapid and the actuators can be mounted flush against each other.

SIRIUS devices are easily and rapidly connected:
• Operators are positioned through a 22.5 mm hole from the front of the panel
• Align the gear holder and place it on the back of the operator
• Tighten the screw on the gear holder
• Snap on the contact block or the lamp holder directly onto the operating mechanism from the back

UL/CUL E44653
DIN VDE 0660 and IEC 947-5-1.

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