Siemens Auxiliary Contacts

Siemens 3RH1 and 3RH2 auxiliary contacts provide for all contact variations

Siemens offers a wide range of options for their series of 3RH1 and 3RH2 auxiliary contact blocks, both in front and side mount variations.  For the Sirius Size S00, up to 4 contacts can be added top mount or 2 contacts on the side, with all possibilities from 4 normally open to 4 normally closed.  With the included base mounted auxiliary contact, this provides for a total of 5 additional contacts to the 3 power poles on the contactor itself.

For the Sirius Size S0 to S3, up to 6 additional poles can be added (4 top mount and 2 side mount).  Combined with the base mounted 1 N.O./ 1 N.C. contact that is provided on each contactor as standard, this allows for up to 8 additional signaling contacts to suit any application. 

Siemens auxiliaries come in two offerings, EN 50012 and EN 50005 compliant

Siemens offers two options for their top and side mounted auxiliaries based on the terminal markings needed for your application.  The first is the EN50012 complaint, which encompasses their top mounted 3RH1911-1HA.., 3RH1921-1FA.., 3RH2911-1HA.. and 3RH2921-1HA.. auxiliaries and the 3RH1921-1DA.. and 3RH2911-1DA.. side mounted auxiliaries.  For EN 50005 compliance they offer the 3RH1911-1FA.., 3RH1921-1FA.., 3RH2911-1FA.. and 3RH2921-1FA.. top mount auxiliaries and the 3RH1921-1EA.. and 3RH2911-1EA.. side mounted auxiliaries.  Both options for side mounted auxiliaries are reversible for use on either side of the contactor.

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