Eaton AN19 NEMA Starters

Eaton's AN19 starters offer retrofit replacement for many other obsolete manufacturers starters

The Eaton AN19 series of NEMA starters is a suitable replacement for many of it's competitors outdated NEMA bi-metal overload starters.  Whether you are replacing the Allen Bradley 509 or 709 series, the Siemens/Furnas ESP100 series, the Square D 8536 series (among many others) these starters are the up-to-date option that you need.  The retrofit kit comes with the starter and electronic overload (no heaters needed), mounting plate to match existing starter, a remote reset module, a reset pushbutton and 2 feet of 16 gauge control wire.

Electronic overloads provide better protection and more flexibility while reducing inventory

Each NEMA sized AN19 starter has at most 3 different overloads that replace all existing sized bi-metal heaters (when there could be 20-30 options per starter).  For example, a 45 AMP size 2 starter has three options for overloads, 1 to 5 AMPS, 4 to 20 AMPS and 9 to 45 AMPS greatly reducing complexity and inventory.  Furthermore, each overload can be set to Class 10, Class 20 or Class 30, which reduces a possible inventory from having almost 100 different types of overloads (30 AMP settings times 3 classes) down to 3.

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